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Clearances must be submitted to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement (NOAA Fisheries OLE).

As referenced in Section 15 of the 2017 IPHC regulations(http://iphc.int/publications/regs/2017iphcregs.pdf), vessels fishing for Pacific halibut in IPHC Regulatory Area 4 are required to clear before fishing and before unloading for each trip, with the exception of local Bering Sea vessels or vessels with an operating Vessel Monitoring System (VMS). Full details on the VMS program are available on the NOAA Fisheries OLE website (http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/ole/about/our_programs/vessel_monitoring.html) or by phone at (907) 586-7225.


Clearance regulations allow a vessel to clear simultaneously for Regulatory Areas 4C and 4D. Clearance forms, which are available from the locations listed below, are coded with a unique clearance reference number specific to the issuing representative and clearance page. In case of questions regarding specific clearances and for documentation purposes, vessel operators should record this number for future reference. The NOAA Fisheries OLE will use this coding system to track clearances and vessels. Clearance responsibility rests with vessel operators. Vessel Clearances shall be obtained between 0600 and 1800 hours, local time.

Clearance locations

Allowed clearances by port

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Commercial halibut fishery updates from Alaska, British Columbia, and the U.S. West Coast.

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The IPHC maintains an auxilary website for its Advisory Bodies at iphc.info.