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December 2-3, 2014
Hotel Deca, Seattle


Schedule and Agenda


  • All sessions will be held at the Hotel Deca.
  • All sessions except Executive and Finance and Administration are open to public attendance.
  • All public sessions will be webcast. Webcast sessions will also take audience comments and questions as directed by the Chair.
  • Topics not completed Tuesday will be taken up in the Wednesday morning session.

Tuesday, 2 December

Webinar recording - Day 1

0800-0830 Executive Session (not open to public)

0900-1230 Staff Presentations and Discussion (webcast)

Review of the 2014 fisheries - Gilroy [Presentation]

The 2014 stock assessment and preliminary harvest advice (Executive Summary) - Stewart [Presentation] *updated 12/4/14

  • Catch table updated 1/13/15 - this catch table was produced at the Commission's request following the Interim Meeting to incorporate updated 2014 NMFS bycatch estimates for Areas 2C-4CDE. Note that this is just one possible decision scenario among many the Commission will consider at the Annual Meeting.new

Public questions and comment

1330-1700 Staff Presentations and Discussion (webcast)

MSAB / MSE report - Martell / Leaman [Presentation]

SRB report - Ianelli

Bycatch and total mortality discussion

Bycatch Project (HBWG II) paper - Commissioners Boyes and Alverson [Presentation]

Working paper on managing total mortality - Stewart [Presentation]

Joint meeting with NPFMC - Leaman

Public questions and comment


Wednesday, 3 December

Webinar recording - Day 2

0800-0830 Executive Session (not open to public)

0900-1130 Continuation of Staff Presentations and Discussion (webcast)

Complete any items left from Tuesday's session

Survey expansion options and alternatives - Webster [Presentation]

Five-year and annual research plans - Leaman

Regulatory proposals - Gilroy

Conference Board rules of procedure - CB co-chairs / Keith

Planning and expectations for Annual Meeting 2015 - Keith

Public questions and comment

1230-1600 Finance and Administration (not open to public)

Industry Features

Commercial Fishery

Commercial Feature

Commercial halibut fishery updates from Alaska, British Columbia, and the U.S. West Coast.

Sport Fishery

Sport Feature

Sport fishing information from Alaska, British Columbia, and the U.S. West Coast.

Advisory Bodies

Advisory Bodies Feature

The IPHC maintains an auxilary website for its Advisory Bodies at iphc.info.