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The International Pacific Halibut Commission funds several Merit Scholarships to support university, technical college, and other post-secondary education. The scholarship fund has been established to assist the further education of Canadian and U.S. students connected to the halibut fishery and its industry. Generally, a single new scholarship valued at $4,000 (US) per year is awarded every two years. The scholarships are renewable annually for the normal four-year period of undergraduate education, subject to maintenance of satisfactory academic performance. A committee of industry and Commission representatives reviews applications and determines recipients based on academic qualifications, career goals, and relationship to the halibut industry.  The next new scholarship will be offered March-June 2018.

The competition for the 2016 IPHC Merit Scholarship is closed.  The recipient will be announced at the 2017 IPHC Annual Meeting.


Past and Current Recipients:
RecipientHome townInitial Year
Ms. Elise Pletnikoff Kodiak, AK 2002
Mr. Lawren Best Sooke, B.C. 2003
Mr. Casey Knight Petersburg, AK 2004
Mr. Tyler Jones Mount Vernon, WA 2005
Mr. Dylan Hardie Courtenay, B.C. 2006
Mr. Myron Melovidov Jr. St. Paul, AK 2007
Mr. Joel Thomas Port Townsend, WA 2008
Mr. Parker MacClelland Port Townsend, WA 2009
Mr. Ryder Whitmire Homer, AK 2009
Ms. Candace Schaack Cold Bay, AK 2010
Mr. John Scott Girdwood, AK 2011
Mr. Jamie Nightingale Delta, B.C. 2012
Mr. Spencer Lunda Juneau, AK 2013
Ms. Katie Koolman Sooke, B.C. 2014
Ms. Shalie Dahl Petersburg, AK 2015

IPHC Directors of Investigations and their years of service


David T. Wilson


Bruce M. Leaman

Donald A. McCaughran

Don McCaughran

Bernard E. Skud

F. Heward Bell


Henry A. Dunlop

William F. Thompson

Biography by J.Richard Dunn


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  • 050AllanSheppard.jpg
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  • 058JohnSecord.jpg
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The Governor General of Canada and the President of the United States of America each appoint three commissioners who serve without remuneration. In recent years, one commissioner from each country has been an employee of the federal fisheries agency, one a fisher, and one either a buyer or a processor. The chairmanship of the Commission alternates annually between countries.

The commissioners appoint the Director who supervises the scientific staff, which collects and analyzes statistical and biological data needed to manage the halibut fishery. The commissioners annually review the regulatory proposals made by the scientific staff and consider proposals from the industry, the Conference Board, and the Processors Advisory Group. The regulatory measures adopted by the Commission are submitted to the two governments for approval and fishers of both nations are required to observe the approved regulations.

Current Commissioners

James Balsiger (Chair) United States
Paul Ryall (Vice Chair) Canada
Robert Alverson United States
Ted Assu Canada
Linda Behnken United States
Jake Vanderheide Canada


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North Pacific Fishery Management Council - Alaska fisheries management

Pacific Fishery Management Council - WA/OR/CA fisheries management

State of Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission

Alaska Department of Community and Business Development

B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries


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