Non-treaty Commercial Fishing Period Limits in Area 2A for July 8 Fishery

The June 24 non-treaty commercial fishing period in Area 2A resulted in a catch of about 81,000 pounds, leaving approximately 85,400 pounds in the catch limit.

Area 2A will re-open on July 8 for 10 hours, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM local time. The fishery is restricted to waters that are south of Point Chehalis, Washington (46°53'18" N. latitude) under regulations promulgated by National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). Fishing period limits as indicated in the following table will be in effect for this opening.


Vessel ClassFishing Period Limit (pounds)
LengthLetterDressed, head-on
with ice/slime
Dressed, head-off
without ice/slime
0-25 A 670 590
26-30 B 835 735
31-35 C 1,335 1,175
36-40 D 3,680 3,240
41-45 E 3,960 3,485
45-50 F 4,740 4,170
51-55 G 5,290 4,655
56+ H 7,955 7,000


The appropriate vessel length class and letter are printed on each vessel license.

The fishing period limit is shown in terms of dressed, head-off weight as well as dressed, head-on weight, although fishers are reminded that regulations require that all halibut from Area 2A be landed with the head on.

The fishing period limit applies to the vessel, not the individual fisher, and any landings over the vessel limit will be subject to forfeiture and fine.

NMFS implemented mandatory depth-based area closures that are in effect for the directed halibut fishery to protect specific rockfish species. For further information, call the NMFS hotline at 1 800-662-9825, then press "5" for the halibut fisheries.


Quota Share Commercial Fisheries Update

The 2009 quota share halibut fisheries opened on March 21. It is estimated that the following catches and numbers of landings were made in the Alaskan IFQ and CDQ fisheries and in the British Columbian IVQ fishery through June 28, 2009.

AreaCatch Limit
(000s pounds)
(000s pounds)
Number of
2C 5,020.0 2,931 961
3A 21,700.0 10,966 1,477
3B 10,900.0 3,894 366
4 7,880.0 1,181 455
Alaska Total 45,500.0 18,972 3,259
2B 6,711.6 2,778 392 
Grand Total 52,211.6 21,750 3,651 


The catch off Alaska represents 42% of the 2009 commercial fishery catch limit. For comparison, 22.3 million pounds, or 44% of the 2008 catch limit, were landed in the Alaskan fishery by this same date in 2008; however, the opening date of the 2008 fishery occurred 13 days earlier in the year than that of the 2009 fishery. Thus, to compare opening periods, during the first 99 days of the 2008 Alaskan commercial halibut fishery, 19.2 million pounds, or 38% of the catch limit, were landed.

The catch from British Columbian waters represents 41% of the 2009 commercial fishery catch limit. For comparison, 3.7 million pounds, or 47% of the 2008 catch limit, had been landed from Area 2B by this same date in 2008. Comparing opening periods, during the first 99 days of the 2008 IVQ fishery, 3.5 million pounds, or 44% of the catch limit, had been landed.


Area 2A Commercial Tribal Fisheries

In 2009, the Pacific Fishery Management Council allocated 303,500 pounds of halibut for commercial use to the Treaty Indian tribes of Area 2A-1. As of the end of June, the Treaty tribes have landed a total harvest of 301,726 pounds of halibut in 603 trips. The catch represents 99% of the 2009 catch limit.


Incidental Commercial Halibut Catch in the Area Fixed Gear Sablefish Fishery

The total allowable incidental commercial catch of halibut allocated to the limited entry, fixed gear sablefish fishery which operates in Area 2A north of Point Chehalis, Washington is 11,895 pounds. It is estimated that 1,081 pounds have been landed through June 18. This incidental halibut catch fishery remains open until further notice. For further incidental fishery retention information call the NMFS hotline (1-800-662-9825).


Area 2A Incidental Commercial Halibut Fishery During the Salmon Troll Season

The total allowable incidental commercial catch of halibut allocated to the Area 2A salmon troll fishery is 29,362 pounds. A total of 6,842 pounds of halibut were landed in Washington through June 30. The incidental halibut catch fishery during the salmon troll season remains open until further notice.


Annette Islands Reserve Fishery in Area 2C

The Metlakatla Indian Community has been authorized by the United States Government to conduct a commercial halibut fishery within the Annette Islands Reserve. The second 48-hour opening of the 2009 season occurred between May 29 and May 31 and resulted in the landing of 4,436 pounds of halibut. A third opening, which occurred between June 12 and June 14, yielded a catch of 4,145 pounds. After three openings, a grand total of 11,725 pounds of halibut have been landed in 2009. The Metlakatla Indian Community and the Bureau of Indian Affairs will announce future halibut openings.

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