December 2-3, 2014
Hotel Deca, Seattle


Schedule and Agenda


  • All sessions will be held at the Hotel Deca.
  • All sessions except Executive and Finance and Administration are open to public attendance.
  • All public sessions will be webcast. Webcast sessions will also take audience comments and questions as directed by the Chair.
  • Topics not completed Tuesday will be taken up in the Wednesday morning session.

Tuesday, 2 December

Webinar recording - Day 1

0800-0830 Executive Session (not open to public)

0900-1230 Staff Presentations and Discussion (webcast)

Review of the 2014 fisheries - Gilroy [Presentation]

The 2014 stock assessment and preliminary harvest advice (Executive Summary) - Stewart [Presentation] *updated 12/4/14

  • Catch table updated 1/13/15 - this catch table was produced at the Commission's request following the Interim Meeting to incorporate updated 2014 NMFS bycatch estimates for Areas 2C-4CDE. Note that this is just one possible decision scenario among many the Commission will consider at the Annual

Public questions and comment

1330-1700 Staff Presentations and Discussion (webcast)

MSAB / MSE report - Martell / Leaman [Presentation]

SRB report - Ianelli

Bycatch and total mortality discussion

Bycatch Project (HBWG II) paper - Commissioners Boyes and Alverson [Presentation]

Working paper on managing total mortality - Stewart [Presentation]

Joint meeting with NPFMC - Leaman

Public questions and comment


Wednesday, 3 December

Webinar recording - Day 2

0800-0830 Executive Session (not open to public)

0900-1130 Continuation of Staff Presentations and Discussion (webcast)

Complete any items left from Tuesday's session

Survey expansion options and alternatives - Webster [Presentation]

Five-year and annual research plans - Leaman

Regulatory proposals - Gilroy

Conference Board rules of procedure - CB co-chairs / Keith

Planning and expectations for Annual Meeting 2015 - Keith

Public questions and comment

1230-1600 Finance and Administration (not open to public)