The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) invites the public and industry to submit proposals concerning IPHC staff catch limit recommendations or related issues (such as stock assessment) to the IPHC for inclusion at the 2011 IPHC Annual Meeting. Blank forms for submission are available through the IPHC office or from the web page. All completed submissions that are received (or postmarked) by the deadline will be included in discussion at the Annual Meeting. Comments may be posted on the IPHC homepage ( and copies can also be available by mail or fax by calling the IPHC offices (206-634-1838).

Please be aware that the IPHC regulates only the catch limits by IPHC Regulatory Area and not by fishery (commercial or sport). Internal allocation issues (catch limit distribution, for example) are handled domestically and should be addressed to the respective governments.

Due to the need for adequate staff time to assemble Catch Limit comments prior to the IPHC Annual Meeting, the deadline is December 31, 2010. Any information to be included must be received (or postmarked) at the IPHC office by the submission date. Comments received after the deadline may not be included or reviewed at the Annual Meeting.


Catch limit comments

SubjectSubmitted by               Received 
2011 recommendations contradictory and difficult to support

Linda Beknhen

Alaska Longline 

Fisherman's Association

14.36 million pound limit in 3A, 7.52 million pound limit in 3B 

Jerome Selby

Kodiak Island Borough

4.40 million pound catch limit in Area 2C James & Patricia Phillips
Catch Limit Comments for Area 2C Todd & Julie Lappetito 
Catch Limit Comments for Areas 2C/3A Gregory Sutter

Universal 15% coastwide harvest rate.

Greg Elwood
Maximum 15% decrease in Area 2C quota and control of the sport fishery. Paul Isaacson
4.4 million pound catch limit in Area 2C. Rocky Littleton
7.5 million pound catch limit in Area 2C. Robert Mosher
6.12 million pound catch limit in Area 2C and March 15 start date. James Whitethorn
13.19 million pound catch limit in Area 2C. James Whitethorn
Study spawning success and document migration during early life stages. Sigurd Mathisen
Observe effects of current charter restrictions before implementing further controls. Jim Lindblom Late submission