The International Pacific Halibut Commission's Interim Meeting was held in Seattle, Washington, on Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 and 29, 2012 at the offices of the IPHC.

The primary change to the Interim Meeting was to make more of its sessions accessible to the public via webcast. In past meetings, only the initial staff presentations were webcast. This year, except for the finance and administration session at the end of the second day, all sessions were webcast and the webcast was open to the public. Another important change was the opportunity for the public to ask questions of the presenters and/or Commissioners during these sessions.

More time was added to this year's Interim Meeting schedule to accommodate additional agenda items. The meeting started with a discussion of the 2012 Performance Review and IPHC planning efforts, and continued in the afternoon of the first day with the customary slate of presentations and discussion.

Please see Information Bulletin 70 for a discussion of the changes to the IPHC staff harvest advice (

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