Bait Needed for 2010 IPHC Stock Assessment Survey
90,000-120,000 pounds semi-bright chum salmon
Closing date: October 31, 2009
Proposals will be evaluated as they are received.

The International Pacific Halibut Commission is requesting proposals from industry to provide bait for 2010 summer research. The IPHC plans to purchase up to 120,000 pounds of bait (in addition to the quantity already secured for 2010) to supply IPHC stock assessment fishing operations and other planned experiments from the end of May through August 2010. Interested parties should submit proposals to provide all or a portion of the total amount. IPHC prefers the bait to be stored by the provider until shipped in early May of 2010. Providers are not obligated to provide storage in or transportation to particular ports inseason. Providers may submit proposals regardless of their country of operation. The IPHC will consider purchases from salmon harvesters, if the harvester can make proper processing arrangements.

IPHC bait quality requirements and standardization exceed those normally provided by industry as bait chums. The minimum acceptable quality is #2 semi-bright (ASMI grade A through E), H&G, IQF, Chum salmon with "meat colored" flesh. The preferred size grade is 6 to 9 pound chums, but smaller fish will be considered. The salmon must have been caught and processed no earlier than June 2009. Fish should be firm when thawed. Information on the month of capture and the run for each unit/tote of bait purchased is required. Bait may be inspected for quality prior to accepting a proposal. Bait specifications are summarized on the following page.

Proposals must include quantity offered, size, quality, price per pound, and preseason storage location. If applicable, also include relevant information about shipping and any inseason storage options. Proposals without shipping and/or storage rates will be evaluated in consideration of the necessary shipping and storage costs incurred by the IPHC. Another point used in evaluating proposals will be the possibility of deferring all or a portion of payment until bait is removed from the storage facility. The Commission is not required to accept the lowest or any of the bids received.

The IPHC will accept proposals until October 31, 2009 or until the quantity required is met. Bids will be evaluated as they are received and may be awarded before the closing date. Interested suppliers should submit proposals to the IPHC, Attn. Evangeline White, via mail, fax, or e-mail.

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Executive Director
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