Area 2A Directed Commercial Halibut Fishery Closed for Remainder of 2008

The International Pacific Halibut Commission reports that the catch limit for the Area 2A non-treaty directed commercial fishery has been reached, following the July 23 fishing period. Therefore, this fishery is closed for the remainder of 2008. The entire catch limit has been taken, therefore, no poundage is available to the incidental halibut in the salmon troll fishery.


Incidental Commercial Halibut Catch in the Area 2A Fixed Gear Sablefish Fishery

The total allowable incidental commercial catch of halibut allocated to the limited entry, fixed gear sablefish fishery which operates in Area 2A north of Point Chehalis, Washington is 70,000 pounds. It is estimated that 13,640 pounds have been landed through July 6. This incidental halibut catch fishery remains open until further notice. For further incidental fishery retention information call the NMFS hotline (1-800-662-9825).

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