The International Pacific Halibut Commission introduced a modified approach to assessing the Pacific halibut stock at its 2007 Annual Meeting. While employing the same stock assessment model as had been used previously, the assessment used the model to determine a single coastwide estimate of exploitable biomass. This single coastwide estimate was then apportioned into IPHC regulatory area estimates using data from the fishery-independent IPHC setline stock assessment survey and estimates of bottom area from each regulatory area.

At the 2007 Annual Meeting, the IPHC Commissioners deferred adoption of the new approach until IPHC staff had conducted a workshop involving other stock assessment researchers and industry participants, to further explore the basis and implications of the new approach. The general intent of this workshop will be to develop a final assessment approach for the current year during the summer, incorporating necessary changes resulting from the workshop, prior to conducting the current year assessment in the fall of the year. The workshop will be held at the Hotel Nexus, in Seattle, on June 27-28, 2007. A registration form for the workshop with details on the venue is attached to this News Release and is available on the IPHC website. Registration forms must be received by June 15, 2007.

The workshop will cover: detailed description of the assessment data; data compilation and preprocessing; detailed description of the assessment model; fitting the assessment model; alternate model fits involving different parameterizations; methods of apportioning coastwide biomass into regulatory area biomass; development of optimal harvest policy. The workshop is intended be technical, rather than educational, and participants are expected to be familiar with the IPHC assessment process. Relevant documents are IPHC Scientific Report 83, which describes the assessment model and harvest policy as well as documents describing the 2006 IPHC stock assessment and yield recommendations: (deprecated address) (deprecated address) (deprecated address)

The IPHC is also conducting an independent peer review of the assessment and the peer reviewers will attend the workshop. The workshop will be chaired by an independent stock assessment scientist. A report of the workshop will be produced for presentation to the Commission in the fall of 2007. Questions on the workshop can be directed to either Tamara Briggie or Bruce Leaman, or the IPHC office at (206) 634-1838.


Hotel Nexus
Cascade Ballroom
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Seattle, Washington 98133
Phone: (206) 365-0700 / (800) 435-0754
Facsimile: (206) 365-0750

Hotel Nexus will be holding a limited number of rooms at $105 per night until June 5th for those interested in overnight accommodations. You may call the hotel directly and reference booking code "UW IPHC" or visit to receive this group rate.

Preliminary Schedule

June 27th

June 28th
1:00pm-6:00pm (if required)