Washington South Coast Area Sport Fishery Closure

The preliminary catch for the primary Washington South Coast sport halibut fishery (Queets River, WA to Leadbetter Point, WA) through May 22 is 40,371 pounds, leaving 1,129 pounds to be harvested. This amount is not enough to permit further sport halibut fishing in this area. Therefore, the South Coast primary sport halibut fishery is closed for the remainder of 2011.

The northern nearshore fishery in this area has a quota of 2,000 pounds and through May 23, only 316 pounds have been taken. This fishery remains open on Monday through Sundays until the quota is projected to be taken or September 30, whichever occurs earlier. Anglers are allowed one fish per day of any size. Anglers should also check state regulations for details on other sport fishery regulations which may affect sport fishing for halibut in this area.


Columbia River Area Sport Fishery Closure and Update

The preliminary catch for the Columbia River sport halibut fishery (Leadbetter Point, WA to Cape Falcon, OR) through May 21 is 7,201 pounds. The early season quota is 10,793 pounds, which leaves 3,592 pounds remaining to be harvested. Based on current catch rates and fishing patterns, sport halibut fishing in this area will close at the conclusion of the June 2-4 fishing period. Fishing will resume on Friday, August 5, with a daily bag limit of one fish of any size. Any quota overage or underage occurring following the June 4 closure will be applied to the fall season quota of 4,625 pounds.


Area 2A Incidental Commercial Halibut Fishery During the Salmon Troll Season Closure

The total allowable incidental commercial catch of halibut allocated to the salmon troll fishery operating in Area 2A is 28,126 pounds. Preliminary catch estimates indicate the catch limit will be taken by May 28, 2011. Therefore, the incidental halibut fishery during the salmon troll season will close at 11:59 PM Saturday, May 28. This fishery will remain closed for the remainder of 2011. For further information, call the NMFS hotline at 1-800-662-9825, then press "5" for the halibut fisheries.

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