Estimated harvests from the August 3-4 and 17-18 all-depth Central Oregon sport halibut fishery openings, together with an overage from the nearshore (<40 fathom) fishery, has resulted in about 4,800 pounds remaining to be caught in the Central Oregon subarea. This amount is insufficient for any further openings in 2012 for the all-depth fishery. Therefore, the Central Coast all-depth sport halibut fishery is closed for the remainder of 2012.

Anglers are reminded that the Columbia River subarea remains open on a Thursday-Saturday schedule until the quota is caught or September 30, whichever occurs earlier. The South of Humbug subarea also is open seven days a week until October 31. Each angler is allowed one fish per day of any size in these subareas.

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Bruce M. Leaman
Executive Director
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