At its recent Annual Meeting, the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC, or Commission) advanced the development of a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) program for the halibut resource. The Commission approved the formation of a Management Strategy Advisory Board (MSAB) to advise the Commission on the development and evaluation of candidate objectives and strategies for managing the fishery.

The Annual Meeting presentation and discussion paper on the MSAB can be found on the IPHC website:

The MSAB will be a cross-disciplinary group, with representatives from industry, science, fisheries management, and Commission staff. The Commission expects the MSAB to meet for the first time in May of this year to begin work on its first task of defining management objectives for the halibut resource. The MSAB will meet approximately twice each year, with some work and study continuing between meetings. At least one MSAB meeting each year will be with the members gathered in one place; others may be conducted via electronic means. Travel expenses for MSAB members will be paid by the Commission.

The Commission is accepting nominations for the MSAB until February 28, 2013 (**Extended to March 15, 2013**), and the membership should be finalized by the end of March. Nominations should describe the nominees' qualifications for the MSE program, and their availability to attend MSAB meetings and participate in the board's work. The Commission desires members who can serve for a minimum of two years, and will manage the MSAB membership over time to ensure continuity while allowing for turnover in expertise and experience.

Additional questions can be directed to Dr. Steven Martell or (206) 634-1838 (ext. 7683) or Dr. Bruce Leaman (ext. 7672).

Nominations may be submitted to Dr. Leaman via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or mailed to the Commission:

International Pacific Halibut Commission
2320 West Commodore Way, Suite 300
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