Quota Share Commercial Fisheries Update

The 2013 quota share halibut fisheries opened on March 23. It is estimated that the following catches and numbers of landings were made in the Alaskan IFQ and CDQ fisheries through October 16, 2013 and in the British Columbian IVQ fishery through October 14, 2013.

AreaCatch Limit
(000s pounds)
(000s pounds)
Number of
2C 2,970.00 2,747 1,154
3A 11,030.00 10,290 1,632
3B 4,290.00 3,726 464
4A 1,330.00 1,128 163
4B 1,450.00 1,113 152
4CDE 1,930.00 1,706 1,501
Alaska Total 23,000.00 20,710 5,066
2B 5,957.55 5,297 656
Grand Total 28,957.55 26,007 5,722


The catch off Alaska represents 90.0% of the 2013 commercial fishery catch limit. For comparison, 23.5 million pounds, or 92.2% of the 2012 catch limit, were landed in the Alaskan fishery by this same date in 2012; however, the opening date of the 2012 fishery occurred six days earlier in the year than that of the 2013 fishery. For a comparison by length of opening, during the first 207 days of the 2012 Alaskan commercial halibut fishery, 23.0 million pounds, or 90.0% of the catch limit, were landed.

The catch from British Columbian (Area 2B) waters represents 88.9% of the 2013 commercial fishery catch limit. For comparison, 5.3 million pounds, or 89.8% of the 2012 catch limit, had been landed from Area 2B by this same date in 2012. Also, during the first 205 days of the 2012 IVQ fishery, 5.1 million pounds, or 85.8% of the catch limit, had been landed.


Area 2A Incidental Commercial Halibut Fishery During the Limited Entry, Fixed Gear Sablefish Fishery

The total allowable incidental commercial allocation of halibut to the 2013 limited entry, fixed gear sablefish fishery, which operates in Area 2A north of Point Chehalis, Washington, is 21,410 pounds. Retention of halibut by the sablefish fishery was allowed beginning May 1. It is estimated that 9,931 pounds of halibut have been landed through October 10, leaving 11,479 pounds. The incidental commercial halibut fishery during the limited entry, fixed gear sablefish fishery remains open until further notice. For further incidental fishery retention information, call the NMFS hotline (1-800-662-9825 press 7 for halibut information).

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