Since 2011, a Halibut Bycatch Project Team, composed of IPHC commissioners and Canadian and U.S. agency staff, has been discussing and reviewing the status of halibut bycatch in the North Pacific. The Team has also had an objective of exploring options for reducing and mitigating halibut bycatch. The Team has just completed the latest draft of its report containing its findings, which is being made available for public comment ( The Project Team's consideration of the report's findings will benefit from stakeholder's views, so a public comment period has been established for this purpose. Due to the upcoming holidays and meetings, the public comment period will be brief, extending to November 27. Comments can be submitted via email using the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A summary of stakeholder comments will be presented to the Commission at the Interim Meeting on December 4-5, 2013. Through December, the Commission will carefully review the report, taking into consideration the feedback received during the public comment period as it develops priorities and recommendations for long-term bycatch reduction and mitigation options. Significant discussion on the report is expected to take place at the upcoming Annual Meeting, which will be held in Seattle January 13-17, 2014.

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