International Pacific Halibut Commission
Solicits Applications for IPHC Merit Scholarship

The International Pacific Halibut Commission funds several Merit Scholarships to support university, technical college, and other post-secondary education. The scholarship fund has been established to assist the further education of Canadian and U.S. students connected to the halibut fishery and its industry. Generally, a single new scholarship valued at $2,000 (US) per year is awarded. The scholarships are renewable annually for the normal four-year period of undergraduate education, subject to maintenance of satisfactory academic performance. A committee of industry and Commission representatives reviews applications and determines recipients based on academic qualifications, career goals, and relationship to the halibut industry.

The scholarships for 2014 will be available for educational entrance or continuation in fall 2014. Additional questions can be directed to either Tamara Briggie (206) 634-1838 (ext. 7660) or Bruce Leaman (ext. 7672). Applications are available through the Commission offices or on the Commission's website at: Applications must be post-marked by June 30, 2014 and mailed to:

Attention: Tamara Briggie
International Pacific Halibut Commission
2320 West Commodore Way, Suite 300
Seattle WA 98199-1287

Phone (206) 634-1838
FAX (206) 632-2983


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Bruce M. Leaman, Executive Director
Phone: (206) 634-1838
FAX: (206) 632-2983

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