Oregon All-Depth Sport Fishery Closed Until August


The estimated harvest from the recent June 25-27 opening in the Oregon Central Coast all-depth sport spring halibut fishery has resulted in a total of 109,163 pounds being landed. Not enough quota remains for any back-up dates. Therefore, the spring Central Coast all-depth sport halibut fishery is now closed. The remaining quota from the spring all-depth fishery (1,486 pounds) will be transferred to the summer all-depth fishery, resulting in a revised quota of 45,394 pounds.  The summer Oregon Central Coast all-depth sport halibut fishery is scheduled to open on August 7-8 and every other subsequent Friday and Saturday until the quota is taken or until October 31.

Halibut anglers are reminded that the Oregon Central Coast nearshore (<40 fathom) fishery opened on July 1, seven days per week until the quota is caught. The South of Humbug subarea is also open seven days a week until October 31 or until its quota is reached. Each angler is allowed one fish per day of any size in these subareas.

More information is available at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website:  http://www.dfw.state.or.us/mrp/finfish/halibut/estimates/halcatch2015.asp

Due to the short notice nature of this notification, it is posted to our website only, and no paper copy has been mailed out.


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