Nearly all of the research done by the IPHC staff is directed toward one of three continuing objectives of the Commission: i) improving the annual stock assessment and quota recommendations; ii) developing information on current management issues; and iii) adding to knowledge of the biology and life history of halibut. In each of these areas our work program applies the best information and methods available, and our research program aims to improve the information and methods by answering the most important outstanding questions.

Halibut Biology

Stock Assessment

Vessel Surveys

Geographic Information Systems

Oceanographic Data

  • Since 2009, IPHC has deployed water column profilers at each of its survey stations, from the western Aleutian Islands to southern Oregon. These data are available at NOAA's Ecosystems & Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations site. Please visit the EcoFOCI page.

Bycatch Work

  • IPHC has a long history of examining all facets of bycatch of halibut in other fisheries: estimating the amount caught, mortality of released halibut, accounting for the impact of bycatch on the stock, and developing approaches to reduce and minimize bycatch. Jump to our Bycatch page for further information on these topics.