Dockside sampling

The Port Samplers are the Commission's elite corps of biologists in the field. Definitely the most visible members of the IPHC--to some people, they ARE the Commission. The primary duties of the Port Sampler are to collect detailed and accurate fishing records from commercial fishers; obtain biological data from commercial deliveries (collect random samples of halibut otoliths and corresponding fork length measurements); conduct supplementary assignments associated with the gathering of biological or statistical data; and serve as the Commission's liaison to the public.

If you need to contact a sampler, please dial toll-free 1-877-334-4844 and an extension below:

Only in operation during the commercial fishing season.

Port Sampler Port Extension
Jessica Marx Homer, AK 550
Michele Drummond Juneau, AK 552
Dave Jackson Kodiak, AK 553
Levy Boitor Petersburg, AK 557
Chelsea Baker-Hutton Port Hardy, B.C. 527
Darlene Haugan Prince Rupert, B.C. 525
- St. Paul, AK -
Jaelee Vanidestine Seward, AK 556
Tachi Sopow Sitka, AK 555
Jennifer Rogge Unalaska, AK 554
Bryna Mills Vancouver, B.C./Bellingham, WA 526