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NMFS Alaska's Sport halibut management page

North Pacific Fishery Management Council - Halibut Charter Management Programs

Every Halibut Counts - a project initiated by charter captains to reduce mortality of halibut caught by anglers and released for personal or regulatory reasons

Area 2B sport fisheries information


Season dates:  February 1, 2017 - **

    ** Closing date, in-season changes to restrictions, and experimental recreational program regulations to be announced by DFO (


Area 2A sport information

An overview of the catches by area can be found in the IPHC table, Area 2A Sport Halibut Seasons at-a-glance.


For a more detailed look at the Washington State sport halibut catch, please visit the Washington State Sport Halibut Catch Updates page.


Detailed Oregon State information can be found at the ODFW site.

  • see "Hot Topics" for a map with season dates and regulations


California Department of Fish and Game ocean recreational fishing regulations.